Zimi Organics has been founded with an aim to re-introduce the traditional practices of organic farming with a blend of modern technologies and sustainable agricultural practices. We bring healthy, organic and natural, farm-fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and pulses, direct from farms to homes.

We grow our fruits and vegetables ethically, without using any synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides, weedicides and growth regulators. Our organic cultivation practices rely on organic manures and composts, biofertilizers, crop rotations, with the inclusion of legumes, minerals bearing nutrients and biological pest control measures. At our farm, we adopt the best practices of organic and natural farming and work closely in harmony with nature.

Zimi Organics was founded by Father-Son duo - Sarbjit Bahga and Arshdeep Bahga. Arshdeep Bahga is a computer science researcher, best-selling author of Cloud, IoT, Big Data & Blockchain textbooks, tech entrepreneur and an organic farmer by passion. Arshdeep holds an MS degree in ECE from Georgia Tech, USA. Sarbjit Bahga is a Chandigarh based architect, urbanist, author and photo-artist. Sarbjit graduated in architecture from Panjab University, Chandigarh in 1979. Sarbjit has 41 years of practical experience in designing and supervision of various types of buildings, complexes and large campuses.

Our best practices are:

  • We grow vegetables, pulses, grains, and fruits organically naturally without pesticides and chemical fertilizers. In this way, we work in close harmony with nature.
  • We aim not to kill each pest and weed rather we put them down and get the maximum benefit from them. We adopt biological pest control measures.
  • By using the crop rotation technique, we increase the fertility of the land.
  • We use solar energy to ensure a cheap and continuous supply of energy to our farm.
  • To overcome the water shortage, we have adopted rainwater harvesting techniques.
  • We use composting- a technique in which decomposed organic matter is added to the soil as a source of natural fertilizer.
  • We practice integrated farming by using natural resources to maintain a balance between farm expenses and farm income.
  • We adopt protected cultivation practices to provide a conducive environment for plants in all weather conditions.
  • We never burn farm waste as it increases pollution. Rather we use it for mulching that increases the moisture-retaining ability of soil and improves the overall health of the soil.

To support new farmers and students and bring awareness about organic and natural farming practices, we offer:
  • On-farm internships, training programs and workshops for students and professionals.
  • We welcome day visits to our organic farm.

To work in harmony with nature, we utilize our knowledge, techniques, and all the naturally available resources. No doubt, the food that is grown in such an environment can heal mankind and gift you a healthy life for the future.